Our philosophy
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Our philosophy

“Everything you might imagine, nature has already created” Albert Einstein

We chose Albert Einstein’s words to summarise our philosophy. Since the beginning, our purpose was not to modify but to preserve and enhance, as much as possible, what nature gave to this wonderful and partially unexplored land.

With the Faresalento project we decided to surpass the limits imposed by the methods of biological agriculture and to rely on innovative agronomic techniques respect the landscape and, therefore, ourselves.

From a land of wheat and wine, in a place where countless traditions were born, cultivation methods honouring the raw materials of the land are used, transcending the “bio” concept.

Extra-virgin olive oil produced by Faresalento is manufactured thanks to homemade and innovative processes, with agronomic techniques to cultivate olive trees, such as the mycorrhiza technique.

From agriculture to hospitality, our philosophy remains the same: we try to give our guests the possibility to live the atmosphere, the traditions, the culture, the warm welcome and the nature of this marvellous land.

The days you will spend in our facilities will be not just n ordinary vacation, but also a true experience.