Safe holidays

Safe holidays

Dear Guests,

We are aware of the fact that holidays are a pleasure, a well-deserved moment of light-heartedness, especially after a period of stress like the one we have experienced; for this reason we have decided to reassure you, with advantageous cancellation policies and with the adoption of protocols that are respectful of the rules, of the trust you want to give us but also of common sense, so that you can book and live your holiday peacefully. 

Over the years our structure has been rewarded with welcome reviews that have highlighted the tranquility of the place, the care and cleanliness of the accommodations as well as the professionalism of our operators; this year will be no different, it will be better.

Because of the COVID 19 crisis, we have further implemented the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in our facility.

We guarantee to all Guests who will take advantage of the breakfast service, the spacing of the tables required by law. We guarantee the sanitization of all accommodations and daily disinfection with certified products, both in the common areas and the swimming pool, whose use will be regulated by legislation but above all by the common sense and collaboration of our Guests.


To confirm the reservation, payment of 30% of the total is required as a deposit. It is possible to pay by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal.

In case of cancellation up to 8 days before the arrival date, the entire deposit will be retained and can be used or transferred to third parties for a future stay by 31 October 2023.
In case of cancellation more than 7 days before the arrival date or no-show, the deposit will be retained as a penalty.
In case of early departure, the fee will be calculated on the entire booked and confirmed stay


The breakfast room, which measures 75 square meters, is decidedly oversized for the maximum number of Guests that the structure can host simultaneously and lends itself without any problem to respect the physical spacing of the tables required by law. In summer, guests can also choose to have breakfast in the outdoor space adjacent to the lounge.

Breakfast will be served at the table by an operator equipped with the PPE required by law.


The swimming pool measures 72 sq m and is treated with chlorine whose values are checked and adjusted daily. In our facility, the pool water has always been replaced at the beginning of each season. The legislation requires that each swimmer has an availability of 7 square meters of water; operators will ensure that the rules are respected even if we are sure that our guests will regulate their presence in the water with common sense and with the utmost collaboration, as has always been the case, even in the absence of explicit rules.

The deckchairs will be arranged by us and, in the presence of several Guests at the same time, they can be moved keeping the distances foreseen by the regulations.
The sunbeds in the solarium will be sanitized by us every day. Guests will have access to the kit for disinfection of the same after use.


Our software allows you to check in online before arrival. Once in the structure our operators will carry out the identity check by inviting the group representative to hand over the documents of all travelers.


Guests can proceed to payment by bank transfer, credit card and pay pal (also online), avoiding having to physically go to the reception.


To protect our Guests and staff, in compliance with the order of the Puglia Region 17 May n. 237 and with the adhesion to the national protocol "Safe Reception" issued by Federalberghi, we have further implemented the already high standards of safety and cleanliness adopted at our facility.

We guarantee the sanitization of all accommodations before arrival and daily disinfection with certified products, both in the common areas. The keys to the rooms will be sanitized at each accommodation change. Guests who wish to do so may request that cleaning staff not enter the accommodation during their stay.

Waste bins for the disposal of protective devices will be placed in the common areas and in the parking area. 


In the reception, restaurant room and swimming pool area, hand sanitizers will be placed at the disposal of guests and operators.

The operators and service workers will be equipped with individual protection devices necessary for the correct performance of the tasks entrusted (masks, gloves, visors, etc.).


In all areas of the structure, guests are required to pay the utmost attention to avoid gatherings. The legislation has forced us to display the signs that raise awareness of the prevenzioine in the common areas and in the accommodation; please read it.

In each apartment there are emergency telephone numbers to contact in case of need.


The communication of the lodgings to public security will be made promptly.

Our staff will accompany you during your stay with the usual joy and availability and will be at your disposal to show you that spending a peaceful holiday will be possible and simpler than you think.